We offer clients the ability to utilizing an accounting program and the opportunity to know and understand where their business has been and where it is going for the future. We utilize Quickbooks™
software.  We offer set up, training, and implementation, also offering  periodic drop ins to help the client feel more comfortable and confident with their financial reports.  We are not a CPA company, but we can get you prepared for your accountant with a broad spectrum of financial reports. Find out how you can see where your company is with one click of your mouse.

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We price our typing projects by the amount of time recorded by using the “Product Industry Standard” outlines.  We can accept three formats from our customers: tapes in both micro and standard sizes as well as most digitally created formats.  We offer a quick turn around on most projects of any size.

We can create your database straight from your files, email programs, accounting programs, and other systems. Get your data together in one place so that creating a mailer to contact customers is a breeze.  Why chase after this info when you need it done in a day. Have it ready and continuing to update it until you need it.

save money

Check out our NEWEST service!!! Click on this link to view the tour. Sign up FREE for your 60 day trial through us.  Once you are signed up, we can get started inputting your e-mails and creating your mailing piece from one of the templates. No longer does it cost .44 per piece but only a monthly fee for a fraction of the cost, and you can send several e-mails month!  Call for your FREE estimate today!!!.             CHECK IT OUT

constant contact
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We offer an alternative to the basic mailing rate of $.44 per piece. We offer BULK MAIL AND BULK E-MAILING.  Pay less and send more! Call us for a free estimate on your next mailing project today, we can handle it from start to finish.

We can offer your business desktop publishing from start of creation to end of production, as you need.  We use three different programs which will help you have access to your created files after production. This helps your printing company as well when transferring your file to them.

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